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Sinfonietta Passau

Great musical sensitivity - After just a few bars [A. Bruckner's 7th Symphony] Eleni Papakyriakou shows her ability. She develops a sound that is warm, but not highly romantic. Alongside emotional and romantic contexts, rational ones also emerge. This is only logical, as the work is balanced and clear in its structure. The conductor finds the right balance.

The conductor succeeds in making the sound layers in this monumental work audible in a finely nuanced way. The musicians follow her meticulously. Papakyriakou's gripping conducting style, paired with precision and temperament, is just the right dose to keep the large ensemble together.

The Bruckner interpretation receives standing ovations and many “Brava” calls for the conductor.

Dr. Edith Rabenstein, Rabenstein Kultur Blog, 14.04.2024

Orchestre Pasdeloup

Avec une gestuelle très précise [...] elle en propose une lecture vigoureuse, au rythme solidement souligné par des accents impeccables [...]. Les timbres qu’elle obtient de certains musiciens, comme les puissantes cordes graves ou l’élégant hautbois, suffisent à retenir l’attention du spectateur.

With a very precise gesture [...] she offers a vigorous interpretation, with a rhythm solidly underlined by impeccable accents [...]. The timbres she obtains from certain musicians, such as the powerful bass strings or the elegant oboe, are enough to hold the spectator's attention. / Clara Leonardi  13.12.2021

Passau University Orchestra

Papakyriakou conducts devotedly with all her body and gives all the cues energetically and very precisely. You can feel the bond between her and the musicians. She has studied the works very carefully and makes the music shine with the right tempi. - Thanks to the clear conducting and the bravely mastered solos, one can experience a remarkable interpretation. [P. Dukas "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"] - The broad tempi give the Promenade almost devotional features and allow the various images to take effect. - What an increase at the Hut Of Baba Yaga and the Great Gate Of Kiev! The grandiose wide ending provides a moving silence - emotion and gratitude for a great body of sound of which the university and all of Passau can be proud.

Carola Baumann-Moritz, Passauer Neue Presse 24.07.2023

Landestheater Niederbayern

The reinforced chorus fulfilled its important role continuously, Eleni Papakyriakou had especially transformed the world-famous "prisoners' chorus" to an impressive sound experience.

Neues Volksblatt 18.06.2019, G. Verdi: Nabucco

Opinions & Recommendations

Due to her special communication skills, her precise preparation and her constructive rehearsal work, but also because of her artistic personality and charisma, she gained great recognition from the colleagues and the students right from the start of the collaboration. The reactions from the circle of participants have been absolutely unanimous since the beginning of the rehearsals and can best be described as "euphoric". Ms. Papakyriakou obviously manages to ignite enthusiasm and motivation among the orchestra members to a degree that I have never experienced in my many years of leadership.

Dr. Peter Gries, Director Music Academy "Louis Spohr" Kassel


BR-Klassik 31.03.2023

Sinfonietta Passau founding concerts.

Text: Martin Gruber

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